Lunch Menu

Note: Please visit our blog for updates to our menus.

Menu du mois
2 courses for 240 kr. or 3 courses for 280 kr.
Saumon fumé
Smoked salmon served with creamy baby spinach and toast on the side.
Loup de mer
Grilled sea bass with fennel crudité and drizzled with Ricard. Served with parsley potatoes and lemon.
L’assiette de fromage
Selection of French and Italien cheeses.
Tarte du jour
Served with vanilla ice cream.
Theatre Menu
2 courses for 268 kr. or 3 courses for 328 kr.
The theatre menu is only available with a reservation —
between 15:30-19:30.
Salade gourmandise
Delicate salad dressed with smoked salmon, shellfish, terrine de foie gras with a white wine vinegar dressing. Served with toast.
Tournedos rossini
Medium grilled tenderloin of beef served with foie gras, red wine sauce, vegetables and rösti.
Crème brûlée
A classic dessert served with vanilla ice cream.

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